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1. What are your major products?
We have 7 product line,which are developed and manufactured by three factories,the 7 products line are:booster cable,jump starter,battery tester,battery charger,welding , cutting equipment , battery accessory and power inverter.


2. What is the application of your products?
Our products are mainly applied to automobile aftermarket, batteries and other related equipment, automobile repair and maintenance, small-scale factories, construction and iron craft.


3. Why do you choose booster cable and clamp as your major products at the time of establishing your company?
First, at that time, the manufacturing of this product have just entered China mainland from overseas. It is a good chance for powerful manufactures in China.
Second, it is not difficult for our company to process such products. We have enough ability to develop and produce this kind of products.
Third, there is a large overseas market.
Finally, we have plenty of customer resource and supports.


4. What is your technical advantage of producing battery charger and welding machine?
First, we have a strong research and development team.
Second, we have perfect laboratory equipment.
Third, we have enough experience in project development.


5. How do you control the cost in producing jump starter?
First, we make our staff keep the cost consciousness of saving energy consumption. Second, we ensure the good condition of equipment using and regulate the equipment operation to improve production efficiency and lower production cost.
Third, we strengthen management to lower the cost of customer orders following up and communication.
Finally, we strengthen the management of purchasing raw materials to lower defective rate and keep high quality of our products. In addition, all of our subcontractors are in 100 km from our company.


6. How do you manage the quality control in the production of welding machine?
First, our subcontractors strictly control the quality.
Second, we strictly test the quality of our raw materials, the products in production, the semi-finished goods and the finished goods.
Third, our products are tested 100% before packaging.


7. Has your company reached the environmental requirements in producing booster cable and clamp?
Yes, we manufacture booster cable and clamp in strict accordance with the market requirements.


8. What kind of problems do booster cables and clamps often have? How do you avoid such problems?
Booster cable and clamp often have such problems: the actual size of delivery goods is smaller than the standard size, the actual delivery goods are not in accordance with the samples.
We honor credibility and reputation, and we have strict quality control system.


9. Which countries have your products been exported to?
America, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, Britain, France, North Europe, South Africa and Middle East.


10. What is your delivery date?
For conventional purchase orders, our delivery date is 30 to 45 days after the order is confirmed.


11. What kind of after-sale services do you offer?
First, we will take full responsibility for the product quality problems.
Second, we will provide parts and accessories at a cost price if the problems are caused by improper use of products.
Third, we will offer solutions for product quality problems and technical supports for product repair and maintenance.


12. Have your booster cable and clamp received certifications?
Yes, our booster cables and clamps have received UL, CUL, GS, MEPS, CE, and PSE certifications.


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